lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

New section: Front Cover for Google Plus: "We are the Light of the World" John 8: 12:20

Lighting up the lives of our brothers need, 
're there, being light for them! 

This opened a new section that had been pending for a long time, we incorporate now with great pleasure: (Covers to Google Plus Christian). G+, is a social network that is gaining more and more followers, which is why we also devote Christians to upload images and designs for this network. 

Will a standard measure of 1080 x 608 pixels. With this image we want is adequate and does not weigh much, so the image loads faster and can download faster too. 

We also announced that we will open other sections, such as: Desktop screens to Twitter Profile Home Christians and Twitter. 

We hope that this will always be a blessing to their lives and if they like designs help us by sharing images and designs with their brothers in the faith. 

May God bless you and may the blessings continue to flow!

Christian Images / Christian Design: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Mathew 18:20

We have long time that we not post any images for the blog.

Here we got a new design and image christian for you, brothers.

Is about Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." 

The Lord always wants us together as brothers ! To speak of " congregate " must be 2 or 3, so requests and the Lord says ... Although we often think that we can be better off living our faith with God in full privacy, also sometimes have to do with our fellow believers , this is not only in the Church but also in our daily life , our daily life, it is always better to be together than apart.

        Jesus Christ with bible reference promises that " WILL BE IN OUR MIDST " , this really is made ​​perfect truth. When two or three people are gathered in the name of the Lord , He will always be with us, that has to be our strength , the hard times will always be present , because just as it should be , but the heavenly comfort is on stand with our brothers , together with Jesus Christ and so things will be better . As the saying goes : " One hand washes the other ," but when we are with God , soap and water to wash our hands from God. So you're saying: Faith in Jesus Christ better live together as brothers , with two , three or more ... The important thing is to always be in the name of Jesus. Amen .

     Remember to share the design in social networks if they liked , just ask the blessing flowing follow ...

God bless you and may the blessings continue to flow !

PD: Sorry for the english, but my mother tongue is spanish, I used Google Traslator for all my post in this blog. If anyone wants to correct spelling and grammar on blog something I'd appreciate.

miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Designs (Wallpapers): "Redeemed - Restored - Renewed"

The design which we will discuss today, going to do about "Redeemed - Restored - Renewed" the three "R". It is based on the recycle symbol, because he identifies with the Christian life is a cycle of God's hand.

1) Redeemed + Heart: The first word is "Redeemed" + the sign of a heart, because first we were redeemed by "Love", would then be: Redeemed by love.

2) Restored + Cross: The second word is "Restored" + sign of the cross, because after being redeemed by love, were restored by the Cross, the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross to give us life and forgive our sins. It would then be: Restored by the Cross.

3) Renewed + Dove of Peace: The third word is "renewed" + Peace sign, because when Jesus Christ resurrected and go to heaven after we let the Holy Spirit to continue with our lives and we are always renewed by the Holy Spirit. It would then be: Renewed for Peace.

The design for run would explain it: "Redeemed by love, restored and renovated by the cross for peace". 

                            May God bless you and may the blessings continue to flow...

martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

Designs: "I Rocked for God"

"I rocked for God." Anything controversial, right?
It has been discussed for a long time and it still is now.

The question is: Can Christians listen to rock music for God? The answer for me is YES! But as always we must clarify many things. For my part, all that God is for the true intent of the faith, is acceptable, provided it does not get out of the parameters of the same faith.

I met the Lord through a witness, a rocker, a man. That's the Argentine "Pablo Olivares". His testimony impacted my life and gave me the impetus to hear God.

As he was a rocker, to convert to Christianity, it continues to rock music for God. Once in a soft, but its essence is a real rocker and super acceptable. Because what I saw through him and his music inspired me to make this design, as I too am rocker, I rock for God ...

Over time I was looking for Christian rock music, but little filled my expectations as he did at the time Pablo Olivares. After a while, I went to a concert in the city of Maracaibo where it would present Third Heaven, but before they were going to sing and play other bands, some of the bands that was presented that day was the band "GeneraSion" belonging in the same city in Venezuela.

This band  GeneraSion and Pablo Olivares shown me that if you can rock out to God. So I say to you today: I rocked FOR GOD.

May God bless you and may the blessings continue to flow...

sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

Designs: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"

Philippians 4:13: " I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me". Exactly thus saith the quote biblical in which is based the design.

In our lives we realize that always, but always let's traverse by many difficulties, that never gonna change, but thanks to the Word Divina that left us our Father Celestial, we can be calm, because the Word of God not mistaken.

When arrive those moments (and arrive) of difficulties, simply we have to leave everything on hands of God, when there that make decisions we also have to pray and ask God to lead us for make the best decision. There something that always usually do when are presented those moments difficult of make decisions, what I do is ask me: "What would God in my place? What would be the decision He would take? How would think He regarding this?" And from those simple questions tome my decision. Claro for all is not equal, but to me me works and I just want share it with you, and well power help some to have a strategy to make a difficult decision.

There that remember that all hard moments in our lives are necessary, since through of those moments is that forms the character, are modified the thoughts and attitude towards certain things changes, because we learn to act in the difficulties.

Yo through this one design just want transmit a message, a word, an image that hopefully and I hope so be it, makes you reflect, makes you think more in God and can also share all that I love you share. Always I hope and I ask God that is of blessing for all who come to blog and are carried something of here to their lives.

May God bless and that the blessing continue flowing.

viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

Start another goal... In english.

It is Cristo Viste blogger but in Spanish, to continue teaching the gospel through Christian images, also publish in English to reach many more people.

Cristo Viste born with the purpose of teaching and preaching the Word of God through artwork and everything related to graphic art, so as to bring people of all ages to share our designs, our message ...

Cristo Viste will start using Blogger. It is a pleasure to connect with people in this way. 

The blog in spanish is:

"May God bless you and may the blessings continue to flow ..."