lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

New section: Front Cover for Google Plus: "We are the Light of the World" John 8: 12:20

Lighting up the lives of our brothers need, 
're there, being light for them! 

This opened a new section that had been pending for a long time, we incorporate now with great pleasure: (Covers to Google Plus Christian). G+, is a social network that is gaining more and more followers, which is why we also devote Christians to upload images and designs for this network. 

Will a standard measure of 1080 x 608 pixels. With this image we want is adequate and does not weigh much, so the image loads faster and can download faster too. 

We also announced that we will open other sections, such as: Desktop screens to Twitter Profile Home Christians and Twitter. 

We hope that this will always be a blessing to their lives and if they like designs help us by sharing images and designs with their brothers in the faith. 

May God bless you and may the blessings continue to flow!