miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Designs (Wallpapers): "Redeemed - Restored - Renewed"

The design which we will discuss today, going to do about "Redeemed - Restored - Renewed" the three "R". It is based on the recycle symbol, because he identifies with the Christian life is a cycle of God's hand.

1) Redeemed + Heart: The first word is "Redeemed" + the sign of a heart, because first we were redeemed by "Love", would then be: Redeemed by love.

2) Restored + Cross: The second word is "Restored" + sign of the cross, because after being redeemed by love, were restored by the Cross, the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross to give us life and forgive our sins. It would then be: Restored by the Cross.

3) Renewed + Dove of Peace: The third word is "renewed" + Peace sign, because when Jesus Christ resurrected and go to heaven after we let the Holy Spirit to continue with our lives and we are always renewed by the Holy Spirit. It would then be: Renewed for Peace.

The design for run would explain it: "Redeemed by love, restored and renovated by the cross for peace". 

                            May God bless you and may the blessings continue to flow...