martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

Designs: "I Rocked for God"

"I rocked for God." Anything controversial, right?
It has been discussed for a long time and it still is now.

The question is: Can Christians listen to rock music for God? The answer for me is YES! But as always we must clarify many things. For my part, all that God is for the true intent of the faith, is acceptable, provided it does not get out of the parameters of the same faith.

I met the Lord through a witness, a rocker, a man. That's the Argentine "Pablo Olivares". His testimony impacted my life and gave me the impetus to hear God.

As he was a rocker, to convert to Christianity, it continues to rock music for God. Once in a soft, but its essence is a real rocker and super acceptable. Because what I saw through him and his music inspired me to make this design, as I too am rocker, I rock for God ...

Over time I was looking for Christian rock music, but little filled my expectations as he did at the time Pablo Olivares. After a while, I went to a concert in the city of Maracaibo where it would present Third Heaven, but before they were going to sing and play other bands, some of the bands that was presented that day was the band "GeneraSion" belonging in the same city in Venezuela.

This band  GeneraSion and Pablo Olivares shown me that if you can rock out to God. So I say to you today: I rocked FOR GOD.

May God bless you and may the blessings continue to flow...